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Please, read all the information and FAQ carefully before scheduling an appointment!

General info about permanent makeup


Important to know:

All permanent makeup techniques are form of tattooing and not an exact science, but an art. Said procedures carry with it known and unknown complications and consequences associated with this type of procedures, including, but not limited to: infections, spreading of pigment, inconsistent color, allergic reactions. 

The results vary in each individual, depending on many factors, such as skin type, body metabolism, post treatment care, life style, medications, etc., therefore can not be guaranteed. To achieve desired results multiple sessions might be necessary which will be charged accordingly.

It is imperative to have realistic expectations and understand that permanent makeup enhances the appearance, but it is not meant to fully substitute cosmetics. It adds enough to bare face and creates perfect canvas for effortless application of cosmetics.




Powder brows technique is a form of permanent makeup that is performed using a machine providing fuller eyebrows, and can be done in a natural looking way or more bold look. It is suitable for all skin types. It is also longer lasting and not as traumatic when compared to manual technique - microblading, which is currently very popular, but no more than a trend and doesn`t fit all, requires more touch ups, tends to fade unevenly and due to possible scar tissue formation after few or even one application can put integrity of the skin in danger.

I did an extensive research in the industry and choose to offer safer and more effective way, so I no longer practice microblading, and do powder brows only. Because my priorities are your well-being, good condition of your skin and excellent healed results for months and years ahead. 

  • Shape of the eyebrows is created according to the golden ratio and face morphology. We try to achieve symmetry as long as it keeps harmony in the whole face since no one`s face is naturally symmetrical.

  • The pigment is applied into the surface layer of the dermis using sterilized tools and is chosen so to match the client`s natural hair color. After the healing color may become lighter and adjust depending on individual`s skin tone. 

  • Required touch up is done between week 5 and 10 after the first treatment, because certain percentage of pigment might disappear due to skin reacting on it as it is a foreign body and trying to push it out as a defensive mechanism. Color appears darker in the beginning. About a week later it loses its intensity. If you think the color is too dark, do not try to remove it yourself by any means. Patiently wait 7 to 14 days for the color to fade on its own after the superficial healing of the skin is done.

  • Color duration depends on many factors. Skin type, body metabolism, health, age, lifestyle, amount of sun exposure all will effect color longevity. On average expected time until a color refresh is needed is between 1 and 2 years. With no annual refreshments pigment fades over the years, but there`s always a chance it might not completely disappear.

  • The procedure is considered completed after we perform both initial session and a required touch up 5-10 weeks after. To achieve desired results certain clients with problematic and oily skin or depending on individual body reaction might need additional touch ups, which are charged accordingly. Post treatment care plays a major role in the treatment`s success. Consequently obey advice, because if you don`t - you risk having very poor or no retention of pigment. Following the aftercare instructions is of great importance.

  • Pain during the treatment is relative. Some people can be more sensitive, but most people usually compare it to the discomfort they feel when tweezing or waxing eyebrows. Topical anesthetic can be used during the treatment if necessary.



This technique enhances the natural beauty of the lips by giving them definition, improving color, correcting shape, bringing back your lip contour. You can choose to get natural results like lip tint effect - your lips, but better. Or if you prefer more vibrant colors we can achieve it too. Can last up to 3 years gradually fading. Process is very tolerable, with minimal pain or discomfort. Topical anesthetic can be used during procedure if necessary.


This technique is similar to an eyeliner, with the difference that pigment is placed only near and between the lashes to give them fuller appearance and define the lash line. Brightens the eyes instantly and enough for people who prefer a subtle look. Can last up to 5 years gradually fading. Anesthetic is used before and during the procedure, which lessens the discomfort.



For someone who likes a bit more dramatic look in their eye makeup. Shaded eyeliner includes eyelash enhancement and a liner that extends to the outer corners of the eyes. It`s a delicate shaded look similar to when soft eye pencil is used and blended out. We can also add an ombre shadow effect that extends to the outer corners of the upper lid. Black and shades of brown color are used.