What to expect after permanent makeup procedure?


1. Swelling, soreness, and/or redness may occur for one or two days following the procedure. For eyeliner and lip blush procedures cold compress can be applied to minimize swelling (nothing wet like melting ice bag). Make sure to use clean tissue or paper towel between the area of permanent makeup procedure and compress. Pain medicine can be taken if absolutely necessary.

2. It is normal to lose some amount of pigment during the healing process, also first time some areas might not keep pigment well and appear patchy. 

3. Right after the procedure color will be more bold and intense; during seven to fourteen days it will appear to be darker at first, then after the flaking is over it will lighten.

4. When completely healed (after at least a month) color will intensify yet be softer than fresh work because epidermal layer of the skin will become translucent again. Although you should be prepared that sometimes skin will push out more pigment than normal and very little will be left after initial procedure. It`s your body`s individual response. That`s why we need a touch up. Keep in mind that once in a while some clients require additional touch up till the desired results are reached. 

5. Please be patient. Full healing takes up to 30 days and more. At your touch up appointment (in approximately 5-10 weeks) we assess the results and do any adjustments if necessary. After about two and a half weeks from your appointment when superficial healing is over you’re allowed to use makeup in the tattooed area if desired.